Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to have any previous art experience to be successful in the class?

NO. You will create a beautiful artwork without ANY previous artistic experience. I’ve had students who said that they couldn’t even draw a “stick figure” create stunning art they felt very proud to display in their homes or give as gifts.

2. Do I need to buy art supplies for the class?

NO. All the art supplies are provided for you to use during the class. Just come and have FUN!

3. If I am already an artist but haven’t had experience using Acrylic Inks with your style of painting, Jeanne? Will I learn new techniques that will be interesting and useful to me?

Yes! The techniques are exciting to learn. They will stretch you into working with a new medium in a very unique way and will stimulate your creativity.

4. How do “intuitive” techniques differ from the techniques taught in a traditional painting class?

“Intuitive painting” is about allowing the painting to FLOW rather than to attempt to control what happens on the paper with a detailed PLAN or preconceived idea. It’s done in a relaxed and PLAYFUL state! It’s full of surprises that are unpredictable and exciting. It’s like adult finger painting with FANTASTIC materials to work with.

5. What keeps you motivated as a teacher using this painting style?

Creating Inspired Artscapes and LumenArts has been very satisfying to me. I love rich and vibrant colors and am continually amazed to see the paintings appear where a few minutes before there was only blank white paper! I am especially intrigued with images that “appear” when the artwork has dried. It’s like doing Art Improv!

6. How many students are in a class?

Anywhere from 3 to 7 students. I limit the size of the classes so I can spend individual time with each student as needed.

7. Can I BOOK a class at a special time with some friends?

YES. I am available for special classes if you get at least 3 students to participate.

8. What can I expect to happen during the class?

The class time during the first session is spent learning the various painting techniques and doing the paintings. (Sometimes between class sessions, there is a small amount of work to do at home to shape the artwork per the instructions that have been given out.) During the second session, the painting will be transformed into a wall sculpture or LumenArt (lighted table lamp or wall light) and finished to take home and display.

9. I have another question…

If you have another question, please contact Jeanne »