Class Descriptions

Whether you are an experienced artist or someone who has never picked up a paintbrush and can’t even draw a stick figure”, YOU can create beautiful finished artwork in just a few hours that is ready to display in your home or give as a gift.

The materials we use in each class are Acrylic Inks painted on a special high quality watercolor paper. This provides a rich, vibrant and luminous painting. The inks are water resistant and lightfast after they have dried.

Classes are taught in either a one 4 hour session or two 3 hour sessions (usually one week apart) at The Blue Raven Art School located at 720 E. Prince Rd., Tucson, AZ 85719 (near 1st Ave.). Visit for more information.

  • NO Prior Art Experience Needed!
  • All art supplies used in class are provided!
  • Artwork is finished and mounted, ready for display by the end of the class.
  • Class size is only 3-6 students to provide individualized attention.
  • COST: $99 (except Exploring Acrylic Inks is $49)

Currently, SEVEN different beginner classes are offered and ONE advanced design class for students who have learned the basic techniques in the beginner classes.

In case you are wondering what to expect during the class:

  • The class time during the first session is spent learning the various painting techniques and doing the paintings.
  • (Sometimes between class sessions, there is a small amount of work to do at home to shape the artwork using the instructions that have been demonstrated in class with reference handouts.)
  • During the second session, the painting will be transformed into a wall sculpture or LumenArt (lighted table lamp or wall light) and finished to take home and display.

Beginner Classes

Descriptions of the beginner classes and photos of the various types of art projects:

Exploring Acrylic Inks Class

This is an introductory class (1 session).

You will explore the medium of acrylic inks and create beautiful original art notecards on watercolor cards that are framable and a small wall hanging.

Mini LumenArt Class

This is a mini class (2 sessions).

You will create a Mini-LumenArt (12” – 15” high) with an oval 3-D printed plastic lucite base. Bases are available in two different sizes.


Making Waves Class

(2 session class)

You will create two painted “wavy” wall sculptures of different sizes using either PVC pipes and “freeform” techniques.

purple waves-426x433

Table LumenArt

(2 session class)

You will create a beautiful medium or tall table lamp (15” – 27” in height) using clay bases created by a local potter. (NOTE: Additional cost for Light Kit of $20)

#1 Blue LumenArt-300x793   DeGrazia LumenArt - facebook 10-300x664

Floor LumenArt

You will create a beautiful medium or tall floor lamp (48″-54” in height) using clay bases created by a local potter. (NOTE: Light Kit valued at $75 included in cost of class)


Inspired Artscapes

You will create a deeply personal LumenArt, wall sculpture or Wall LumenArt after looking “beneath the surface of the painting” for personal colors and symbolism. By connecting with your art muse you will know what shapes and display techniques most enhance the art. Time will be set aside at the end of the class to briefly share what significance is revealed in your artwork.

(NOTE: Additional cost for LumenArt Kit of $20 or Wall Light Kit of $15)

Fold - web facebook 21-491x433


Wall LumenArt

(2 session class)

You will create a simple, elegantly shaped wall light using PVC pipes in various patterns for shaping the artwork or using the freeform techniques.

(NOTE: Additional cost for Wall Light Kit of $20)

Dancin' the Night away - web   Flier - LumenArt ex - #2_edited-1-300x677

Create Pipedreams Class

(2 session class)

You will create artwork by using PVC pipes to shape the paintings in various tubular patterns to create unlighted wall sculptures.



Advanced Classes

“Let’s Finish It” Class (1 session of 3 hours taught periodically on an ongoing basis) – Students who have created artwork in ArtShare gatherings or at home have an opportunity to finish the artwork by exploring various innovative options to enhance the artwork in the most beautiful way. Basic art materials with be provided and the kits needed to complete projects will be available for purchase in the class, such as Wall Light Kits, LumenArt Kits, and Wall Sculpture kits at prices from $5 – $40 per kit.

COST: $35

 NEW — BIG Wave Class (Advanced Class)

A large piece of watercolor paper (48″ x 55″) will be painted to create one BIG wave or torn to create a couple of separate waves from the same image. All art materials and backing materials are provided in the class.


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